Napa Valley Estate

This modern farmhouse-style residence clearly speaks to the property’s natural surroundings. Architectural portals capture the stunning views of neighboring vineyards and ridgelines and bask in the sun’s soft, indirect light. This low-lying compound was created to include the main house, guest house, pool house and a car barn with each structure leading one outdoors. Natural, spare materials and refined indoor-outdoor living make this a home truly born of place.

In Collaboration With

Construction by Total Concepts
Interior Design by Geremia Design
Photography by Suzanna Scott
Landscape Design by Ground Studio

Living in our Wade-designed home is a dream come true for us. Everywhere we look we see attention to detail; from the framed views in every room to the amazing symmetry that makes us and our guests feel so comfortable and at home. Even after five years, we still feel the specialness of this house every day.

Clients of the Napa Valley Estate

Berkeley Historic Remodel